Effective Technology for Chronic Sinusitis

Sinuwave™ is a ground breaking therapy for the treatment of chronic sinusitis, utilizing our patented photodisinfection technology to destroy microbes in the  sinus and thereby relieve symptoms of this debilitating disease.

  • Broad-spectrum: Kills all pathogens (bacterial, viral, fungal).

  • Non-resistance forming.

  • Safe and painless treatment for patients within minutes.

Sinuwave can be administered by a physician in office or as a part of a surgical sinus procedure.


Sinuwave is currently available only in Canada.  Not available for sale in the US.

Effective Relief in Minutes

Sinuwave  provides rapid, targeted antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits to those suffering from chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS). The treatment involves irrigating the sinus with a special photosensitizer followed by intrasinus illumination with a specifically calibrated cold laser light that destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi, as well as reduces inflammation, in minutes.


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