What is Photodisinfection?

Photodisinfection delivers fast, broad spectrum microbial kill in minutes via a specific combination of factors:

  • The specially formulated positively-charged photosensitizing solution preferentially binds to microbes, whose cell walls are negatively charged. The photosensitizer solution is inactive at this stage.

  • A cold laser light calibrated to a specific wavelength and intensity triggers a reaction in which singlet oxygen is generated by the sensitizer.

  • These potent reactive oxygen molecules destroy the cell walls of pathogens. When the light is removed the reaction ceases.

In short, photodisinfection destroys bacteria, viruses and fungus without harming human cells or causing antimicrobial resistance.

Non-Resistance Forming

The photosensitizer is not required to physically enter the microbe while it destroys the cell wall. Therefore, the microbial genome is never exposed to the threat, and the microbe is therefore unable to alter the cell wall, or manufacture blocking enzymes or other molecules, in order to fight the active photosensitizer.

By eliminating concerns about microbial resistance, our photodisinfection technology can be applied in a broad range of use cases (chronic diseases, high-risk patients, healthcare workers) and is appropriate for repeat use, leading to better outcomes for patients, and greater cost savings for hospitals as well as healthcare systems.

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