Global Resistance is Rising

The rapid worldwide rise in bacterial resistance is causing antibiotics to fail.  What was once an effective treatment for infection is becoming futile resulting in the greatest threat to global health since the discovery of antibiotics in 1928.

  • Millions of new antibiotic-resistant infections per year leading to increased morbidity and mortality rates worldwide.

  • Millions of healthcare dollars wasted.

  • $100 trillion cost forecast by 2050, 10 million deaths annually.

  • Cost to develop new antibiotic approaching $2 billion, yet resistance is almost immediate.

At Ondine, we are attacking this problem, one patient at a time, with a different approach.

Laser Focused Approach


Ondine is the global leader in antimicrobial photodisinfection (aPDT) therapies and has successfully created a technology platform that destroys bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi and associated virulence factors. Photodisinfection causes cell destruction through oxidative disruption of the microbial cell membrane.  Our patented technology works in seconds to destroy microbes and reduce inflammation without harming human tissue.

Unlike antibiotics, which require hours to days to exert their effect, photodisinfection destroys microbes immediately upon light activation. Bacteria are unable to adapt to this treatment and thus no resistance formation is evident.

  • Broad spectrum applications.

  • Kills all pathogens with no resistance formation and produces potent anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Provides significant time and cost savings to healthcare system.

  • Safe, fast and painless treatment for patients; no complicated compliance requirements.

  • Simple clinical adoption and low impact to healthcare workflows.


Broad Spectrum Solutions


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