Effective, Deep Cleansing Solution to Sinus Debris

SurgENT™ provides a faster, more effective debridement and deep-cleaning answer to the problem of stubborn biofilm and mucus in the sinuses.  Recommended as a complementary treatment to surgery or in the clinic for refractory patients.

  • The only intrasinus balloon available on the market.

  • Provides more effective, responsive cleaning, faster.

  • Creates a high velocity hydrodynamic force, shearing debris from the mucosal lining.

  • Balloon conforms to sinus anatomy flattening edematous and polypoid mucosa.

  • Balloon forces irrigant 360 degrees within sinus cavity areas that are often difficult to visualize and reach.

  • Manual control of irrigation allows for use in sensitive mucosa.

New Technology for Chronic Sinusitis

SurgENT is a versatile new tool for deep cleaning and irrigating the paranasal sinuses.  The innovative intrasinus balloon design directs irrigant circumferentially around the sinus walls, maintaining debridement pressure and efficacy.  SurgENT provides a new standard in debridement of tough, crosslinked mucus in the sinus.

Circumferential Hydrodynamic Irrigation

SurgENT works in all paranasal sinus cavities in two ways: first, the balloon displaces debris during inflation.  Second, the balloon confines and deflects irrigant flow creating a circumferential shearing force along the mucosal walls in areas that are often difficult to visualize and clean using ordinary instruments.  This unique “Circumferential Hydrodynamic Irrigation” action dramatically improves sinus debridement without taking more time or requiring extensive instrumentation.

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